The European Brass Band Association (EBBA) is pleased to announce the own choice testpiece selections by the competing bands at the 44th European Brass Band Championships 2023, in Malmö, Sweden.

It promises to be a great contest, in the Championship, Challenge and Youth sections, with a high number of bands taking part.  Not only are the contests high in quantity, but also in the quality of the bands and in their choice of testpieces.  This year sees a number of commissions for the Championship and Challenge sections, as well as the return of some modern classis, such as Fraternity and A Gabrieli Fantasy, which proved so popular at the EBBC in Birmingham last year.  The music of Thierry Deleruyelle will feature three times and the music of EBBA’s own Oliver Waespi, twice.  A new work form Kenneth Downie in the Challenge section will also add interest.

The EBBC own choice and set test contests have facilitated the creation of so much of the modern brass band repertoire over the years, that it would be hard to imagine a time before ‘the Europeans’ or more importantly, without it.

Own Choice Pieces – Championship Section

A Gabrieli Fantasy (x2)                                                     Bert Appermont
Antiphonies on Themes by William Byrd                     Oliver Waespi
Are We Dark Inside?                                                         Ludovic Neurohr
Astralis                                                                                 Philip Wilby
Breath of Souls                                                                   Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Catharsis                                                                              Kjetil Djønne
Diary of a Madman                                                            Christian Brant
Fraternity                                                                             Thierry Deleruyelle
Horror Show                                                                       Simon Dobson
No Man’s Land                                                                   Thierry Deleruyelle
Other Lives                                                                          Oliver Waespi
Sand and Stars                                                                    Thierry Deleruyelle
The World Rejoicing                                                          Edward Gregson

Own Choice Pieces – Challenge Section

Match Rhythm                                                                   Jan Bosveld
Variations                                                                            Andrew Lloyd-Webber, arr. Peter Graham
Excalibur                                                                              Jan van der Roost
Hope Fulfilled                                                                     Kenneth Downie
Terra Australis                                                                    Martin Ellerby