The third composer you can meet in our presentation of the finalists of the European Composer Competition 2024 is Lennert Van Laenen (Belgium). He’s the composer of Red Planet.

Lennert Van Laenen (Belgium)

Date of birth: 09/02/2004
Birthplace (or Residence): Antwerpen (Duffel), Belgium
Music Education: Conservatorium, Lemmensinstituut Leuven, Bachelor 2.
Plays with (orchestras/bands): Young Brassband Willebroek, Brassband Willebroek and Brassband Leest
(my hometown Brass Band).
Other musical activities: Composing, conducting

Can you tell something about your composition Red Planet?

Red Planet describes an imagined journey to the planet Mars. The composer tried to represent the emotions of this adventure and the adrenaline involved. Big contrasts in the music portray the paradoxes of fear, relief and excitement of the astronauts.

Do you compose from your ‘head’ or ‘heart’?

I would say that the music I write comes from my heart. Of course I use my brains to play around with themes and motives, but the melodies come naturally. Not that I think of them, like some contemporary composers who write ‘mathematical’ music, researching overtones and stuff.

What (or who) influenced you in composing?

Since I play in Willebroek, I came in contact with music of the highest level, written by the best composers. Subconsciously my music is influenced by the styles and character traits of other composers, I believe.

How did you start composing? Was it a logical next step after playing/studying music?

Here too, the origins lie with Brass Band Willebroek. Being overwhelmed by beautiful sounds and chords from other composers was the motivation for me to look for what is possible with brass band music.

Do you use a pattern when composing? Hours at a time or whenever you find the time, by day or night, in complete seclusion or …

No haha… 
Composing is a hobby for me, so I only do it when I have time for it, or when a new melody pops into my head.

The final of the European Composers Competition will be played by the Cory Band joined by the European Youth Brass Band, Thursday 2 May in the Palanga Concerthall at 20:00.

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