The European Brass Band Association is pleased to announce the line-up of players who will form the 2023 European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) in Malmö. This year will see the 19th formation of the band. Thirty-six players aged between 18 and 22, from 15 different countries, will come to Malmö, Sweden in the week prior to the 2023 European Brass Band Championships.

The week will start on 29 April with seating auditions and the first rehearsal under the baton of Per-Otto Johansson.

During the week the EYBB will have a very busy schedule with rehearsals, concerts and social events. The players will also be able to enjoy listening to the very best bands in the world during the 44th EBBC on the Friday and Saturday.

The annual highlight will be the band’s participation in the Gala Concert on Saturday evening. This year, the EYBB share the stage with current European Brass Band Champion, the Cory Band, conducted by Philip Harper. The week closes with a Farewell Concert following the European Youth Brass Band Contest on Sunday 7 May.

Preliminary schedule

Saturday 29 April   
First rehearsals in Höllvik, near Malmö

Wednesday 3 May 
European Soloist Competition Final Concert, with the Concord Brass Band
Palladium, Malmö

Thursday 4 May     
Church Concert
Allhelgona Church, Lund

Friday 5 May          
EBBC 2023 Opening Ceremony
 Malmö Town Hall

Saturday 6 May     
Gala concert with the Cory Band
 Malmö Live

Sunday 7 May       
Farewell Concert with Göta Brass
Malmö Live


Instrument Name Country
Soprano Cornet Alex Thomson England
Soprano Cornet Gregor Kozeil Scotland
Cornet Albert  Asp Sweden
Cornet Alicia Davis England
Cornet Calum Blair Scotland
Cornet Camien Litzlbauer Austria
Cornet Jonah Sugar Germany
Cornet Liz Rogers Wales
Cornet Moira Baert Belgium
Cornet Niklas Kirkevik Heggrenes Norway
Cornet Roas Kuipers The Netherlands
Cornet Samuel Brinkmann Abrahamsen Denmark
Cornet Simone Traficante Italy
Cornet Vakarė Gikytė Lithuania
Cornet Victoria Lloyd Northern Ireland
Cornet Yohan Vuignier Switzerland
Tenorhorn Anke Verboven Belgium
Tenorhorn Sophie Quichon France
Tenorhorn Lubin Cavanna France
Tenorhorn Algirdas Gricius Lithuania
Euphonium Samuel Brenner Germany
Euphonium Andrea Palmarin Italy
Euphonium Valerian Alfare Switzerland
Euphonium Ellie Carlson Wales
Tenor trombone James Reid England
Tenor trombone Merle Esselink The Netherlands
Tenor trombone Ioan Jones Wales
Bass trombone Mark Gammon Scotland
EEb bass Tobias Nicolai Transeth Norway
EEb bass Ralf Buchholzer Austria
BBb bass Geofrrey Raes Belgium
BBb bass Balz Aebi Switzerland
Percussion Casper Pieper Denmark
Percussion My Olsen Denmark
Percussion Timothee Aubry France
Percussion Guillaume Strijdhagen The Netherlands