The European Brass Band Association is pleased to announce the line-up of players who will form the 2024 European Youth Brass Band [EYBB] in Palanga. This year will see the 20th edition. Thirtysix players aged between 18 and 22, from 14 different countries, will come to Palanga, Lithuania in the week prior the 2024 European Brass Band Championships.

 The week will start at 27 April with seating auditions and first rehearsal under the baton of Philip Harper.
During the week the EYBB will have a very busy schedule with rehearsals and concerts and social events. The players will also be able to enjoy listening to the very best bands in the world during the 45th EBBC on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May.

 The annual highlight will be the band’s participation in the Gala Concert on Saturday evening. This year EYBB share the stage with the Cory Band conducted by Philip Harper. The week closes with a Farewell Concert following the European Youth Brass Band Contest on Sunday 5 May.


Saturday 27 April
European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) Musical Director Philip Harper – first gathering.

Tuesday 30 April
EYBB Concert, Klaipeda Concert Hall

Wednesday 1 May
EYBB Outdoor Concert

Thursday 2 May
Final Concert European Composers Competition,
The Cory Band and EYBB, Palanga Concert Hall

Friday 3 May
Opening Ceremony (by invitation only), Palanga Amber Museum

Saturday 4 May
Grand Gala Concert and Award Ceremony, Palanga Concert Hall

Sunday 5 May
Farewell Concert EBBC 2024 with EYBB and Award Ceremony, Palanga Concert Hall

More information about the conductot and venue:


Instrument First name Family name Country
Soprano Cornet Ben Fearnley England
Soprano Cornet Freya Mcleman Scotland
Cornet Annely Visser The Netherlands
Cornet Bjørn Lindholdt Wessel Denmark
Cornet Emma Brown Scotland
Cornet Erikas Ignatavičius Lithuania
Cornet Erin Maloney Wales
Cornet Jonah Pino Sugar Germany
Cornet Karin Åkerdahl Sweden
Cornet Liam Lattion Switzerland
Cornet Sindre Røynstrand Kolås Norway
Cornet Stefano Trentin Italy
Cornet Tobias Lang Austria
Flugelhorn Arno Vermincksel Belgium
Tenor Horn Algirdas Gricius Lithuania
Tenor Horn Anke Verboven Belgium
Tenor Horn Fiona Näf Switzerland
Tenor Horn Lubin Cavanna France
Baritone Lea Fugnanesi Switzerland
Euphonium Daniel Hohm Austria
Euphonium Erling Dahl Norway
Euphonium Ibai de Miguel The Netherlands
Euphonium Marco Boccucci Italy
Trombone Flavio Pennisi Italy
Trombone Lukas Huemer Austria
Trombone Marius Victor Thuesen Denmark
Bass Trombone Jonathan Lovatt England
Eb Tuba Morgan Hart England
Eb Tuba Alexandre Mouille France
Eb Tuba Alice Tracey Wales
Bb Tuba Patrick Miller Wales
Bb Tuba Alexandra Iderfors Sweden
Percussion Gvidas Viliušas Lithuania
Percussion Johannes Wiberg Denmark
Percussion Michiel Bron The Netherlands
Percussion Tallak Bertin Thorgrimsen-Stensvold Norway