Wednesday, 20 April 2022

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European Composer Competition - Meet the finalists, today Thibaut Bruniaux

The next three days we will present the finalists of the European Composer Competition. Today you can meet Thibaut Bruniaux.

Name: Thibaut Bruniaux
Date of birth: 24/12/1987
Birthplace(or Residence): Valenciennes (France)
Music Education: Trumpet and piano player at the beginning then Classical studies in Valenciennes, Lille, Paris, Lyon and Brussels.
Started (music) at: 6 as trumpetist in a little concert band.
Plays with (orchestras/bands): Musical Director at Hainaut Brass Band that I created in 2014 with some friends, currently 1st division in French National. Still Playing the piano or trumpet in a few fun jazz groups.
Other musical activities: conducting brass band and concert band. My main job is music teacher in Lille Conservatory. I spend a lot of time writing new music or arranging. 


Can you tell something about your composition Insecurity? 

I wrote this piece in December 2021. Because of covid and its consequences in our musical activities,  signs of war in Ukraine,… a lot of worrying news. That was my state of mind, anxious and not very optimistic. "Insecurity" depicts these particular feelings. The atmosphere is always moving between anxious moments and some nostalgic bars that sounds like memories of a lost past, "the good old days". I think I have a problem with nostalgia and the time going quickly, it's a recurring theme in my life and in my music.

Do you compose from your ‘head’ or ‘heart’?

 That’s a difficult question, I would say both! I really feel like I have to write the music I hear inside (in this case I mean "from heart"). But of course, talking about musical structure, orchestration, … everything need’s to have structure to get the desired sound result. But the initial idea comes from the heart.

What (or who) influenced you in composing? 

The mental pictures are very important, real pictures or feelings are often the starting point of a new piece. They create a storyline and help me to develop the basic idea.

How did you start composing? Was it a logical next step after playing/studying music? 

It came very late... In my musical studies, I learned to write in special styles (old styles).It gave me good technical skills to make arrangements but it didn’t allow me to develop personal ideas. It rather created an inferiority complex and frustration with historic composition. It took me a while to break with this idea and take the next step.

Do you use a pattern when composing? Hours at a time or whenever you find the time, by day or night, in complete seclusion or not… 

No rules, it all depends on how much time I can spend on it. For "Insecurity" I worked day and night for several weeks. But it often happens that I need a few months to write a piece, in order to take the necessary distance. The night is particularly good for finding ideas, a more relaxed and silent atmosphere.

What do you like the most about composing? 

Definitely “the process”! It takes me a long time to be convinced of my basic idea for the piece. It's often a very hard and long process to find the right one. It's a real paradox between these difficulties in creating and the happiness when you’re satisfied by the written music, it's a personal reward when the piece is like you imagined.

Do you have you own composing-style? Can you describe it?

 Not really, the language is changing with the years, with the artistic experiences, the music I discover... I just want to write music I would like to play or listen to myself. If you do it with a good level of determination and skill, you combine “heart" and “head" and it makes you satisfied, happy and convinced.

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